Title: 880円
Artist: LoVendoЯ
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LoVendoЯ - 880 Yen



Are YOU new? Most girls would always have lines in every song even if they weren’t popular. Go check the line distribution and watch old pvs. Morning Musume was never like this with one or two girls getting lines and screen time. Yes some girls are more popular than others for sure but this only started a while ago.

seriously. and since when was makoto a “back girl”? she didn’t get as much attention as a lot of the other girls but she got plenty. she got a good amount of lines, too.
let’s take a look at line distribution from a couple of old songs vs some newer ones. so yeah it sucks that even back during the golden era, when there were way more members than there are now, even then, mostly everyone got at least one solo line in most of the songs. now, we’re lucky if just half the members get one syllable. 

yay!! not happy about the group card but at least i got haruna which is one i actually wanted

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Hello! Project edits - Morning Musume 6/33
Yasuda Kei

what goes aland camaz aland~

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Cosmo Sex Tip #385


Ask him what he wants in bed
Then ask him if it’s necessary